March, 2016 Newsletter

        Cassel Hills Newsletter

March, 2016

Hours of Operation – Spring Sale – Titleist Loyalty Program - League Openings –

Employment Opportunities – Golf Advisory Board Opening - Weekend Package Meeting (see agenda)

March Hours of Operation

Golf Course Open: 9 am (frost/freeze permitting) – Dusk

                           Tuesday Only: 11:00 am - Dusk

Golf Course Closed: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Spring Sale

The Spring Sale is underway! Lots of nice apparel items, including, Under Armour, Foot-Joy , and Adidas apparel items at 20-40% off. Adidas shoes priced at 50% off. We still have a limited selection of Bridgestone E Series and Titleist NXT, Callaway Speed Regime and DT Solo golf balls at 30-40% off.

Titleist ProV1 Loyalty Program – pay for 3 dozen; get 4, for $139.00

Now entrenched as an annual rite of spring is the Titleist ProV1 Loyalty program! Order 3 dozen ProV1 golf balls, and receive a fourth dozen free of charge. There is no extra charge for personalization or special numbers! Tell your friends! If you own a business, this is a great marketing tool! How about as gifts for your family members! Orders can be placed between March 20 and April 15, 2016 (program expires).

League Openings

If you would like to play in an evening golf league, or know of someone that would, please contact Ben Lickliter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or you can go to the web site,, and fill out a League Prospect form.

Employment Opportunities

We are seeking candidates for Starter/Ranger, Golf Cars, Golf Counter and Food Service. If you are interested, or know someone that is, point them in our direction.



Seeking - Golf Advisory Board Member

Currently there is a seat available on the Golf Advisory Board. You may stop by the Vandalia City Building or contact John Marchi for an application. The Golf Advisory Board meets approximately 6 times per year, on the third Monday of a meeting month, at 7:30 pm.

Weekend Package Plan Meeting

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 12, 2016, 8:30 am. We will have a kickoff meeting for the Weekend Package Plan players.


Golf Staff no longer permitted to accept Skins Game entry fee

Skins Game: The following change is necessary to comply with State of Ohio regulations regarding the handling of public monies. To comply with State regulations, any funds collected by the Golf Staff need to be deposited with the City of Vandalia, once deposited and recorded by the Finance Department, these monies would then be available for distribution as a credit towards fees and services.

Staff Recommendation : SKINS GAME

  1. Revert to the original $5.00 entry fee, gross      scores only. Sign up before round, pay at completion of play.
  2. Competitors may play from whatever tees they      choose, however, only those playing from Blue tees will be eligible for      Package Plan gross prizes.
  3. The Skins Game would become a PARTICIPANT ADMINISTERED event, therefore the $10.00      administration fee would be eliminated.



Rants & Raves

Ricky Fowler: Continues his mission, a playoff loss to Hideki Matsuyama (my pick as the best player in the world) in Phoenix at the Waste Management Open, moved to #5 in the world rankings, had the 36 hole lead at the Honda Classic before a poor weekend derailed his championship hopes.

Rant #1:Golf Merchandising Philosophy

In the past I have written a few paragraphs to explain our merchandising philosophy. The big box stores, internet sales and lack of available space as well as the necessary capital to stock the plethora of options, has hindered on course sales. The only logical strategy for a small retailer is to pre shop for you. At Cassel we try to offer only high quality items at the lowest possible price. Over the next few months as some new items appear in the golf shop I will write a paragraph or two to explain the features of the item.

This month: Under Armour and Foot Joy Golf Shirts.

Both companies offer very high quality shirts. Under Armour has a great line of solid shirts, but their fancy shirts (in my opinion), not so fancy. I believe the fabric blend used by Under Armour does not lend itself well to stripes or patterns. But in terms of durability and ease of care, there is not a better shirt. Machine wash in cold water, place on a hanger until dry, then hang it in the closet, no fuss. On the other hand, Foot Joy quality and styling is classic and timeless. An FJ shirt demands a little more care than the UA, but the shirt does come with better style and nicer features, i.e., the stitching on the cuffs, collar and placard and high quality buttons and zippers.

Golf Shop Pricing: Some companies dictate both the advertised and selling prices. If an account is determined to have violated that policy, the account could be closed. All other in stock merchandise is immediately ticketed at 20% below the manufacturer’s suggested selling price before ever reaching display.

Rant#2: Golf as a Business

The latest issue of Links magazine, a golf trade journal, revealed some interesting trends in the business of the game. Author James Frank revealed that Baby Boomers are playing more rounds; there appears to be latent demand amongst the millennials; and although we have experienced golf course closings, the total number of courses is only down 4% from the all-time high of 15,000 courses in 2005.

The National Golf Foundation believes that golf has stabilized, but does not see future growth. Author Frank then makes some poignant comments. He believes that golf is the wrong sport for this era. He presents, “How can a game that demands time and patience thrive in an internet-powered world in which speed and options are what matter? Or at a time when youth sports, with fields and courts and gyms so easily accessible are losing participation at a rate of 4% a year? And just how is this particular game to grow when you need a practice facility, a course, enough money for the fee and transportation, expected to thrive?”

He goes on to compare golf with the game of polo, that is, that both are activities that require large amounts of time, specialized staging areas, expensive equipment, hours of practice and manic devotion.

He admits he likes that aspect of the game of golf. Again he presents, “There’s nothing wrong with that. Not when there is a dedicated audience that can afford to spend the time, money, and temper on a game that gives so much back to those who love and appreciate it. And that there are public and private clubs that can manage their facilities financially and culturally. Also there are TV audiences that still want to watch the finest practitioners of the game and subsequently, the corporate sponsors that still want to be associated with these players.”

It is nice to hear the sky has stopped falling.