February 2016 Newsletter

        Cassel Hills Newsletter

February, 2016

Hours of Operation – February Sale – League Openings – Employment Opportunities

Weekend Package Meeting – Rants & Raves

February Hours

Golf Course Open: 9 am (frost/freeze permitting) – Dusk

                            Tuesday Only: 11:00 am - Dusk

Golf Course Closed: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Closed on Mondays

February Sale

The February Sale is underway! Lots of nice apparel items, including, Under Armour, Foot-Joy and Adidas at 20-40% off. Adidas shoes priced at 50% off. We will have a limited selection of Bridgestone E Series and Titleist NXT, Velocity and DT Solo golf balls at 30-40% off. Adidas Shorts - $13.00

Titleist ProV1 Loyalty Program – pay for 3 dozen; get 4, for $139.00

Now entrenched as an annual rite of spring is the Titleist ProV1 Loyalty program! Order 3 dozen ProV1 golf balls, and receive a fourth dozen free of charge. There is no extra charge for personalization or special numbers! Tell your friends! If you own a business, this is a great marketing tool! How about as gifts for your family members!

League Openings

If you would like to play in an evening golf league, or know of someone that would, please contact Ben Lickliter (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or you can go to the web site,, and fill out a League Prospect form.

Employment Opportunities

We are seeking candidates for Starter/Ranger, Golf Cars, Golf Counter and Food Service. If you are interested, or know someone that is, point them in our direction.



Weekend Package Plan Meeting

Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 12, 2016, 8:30 am. We will have a kickoff meeting for the Weekend Package Plan players.

Rants & Raves

Ricky Fowler: He continues to find motivation from the disrespect he received just ahead of the Players Championship (which he won) when he was voted the most overrated player on tour. Since then he has captured the Scottish Open, the Deutsche Bank Championship (a playoff series event) and beat a field that included Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Henrik Stenson at Dubai!

Anchoring Ban: The deadline came on January 1 and went by without so much as a whimper. Two of the more famous anchor babies, Adam Scott shot 25 under in Australia, and Bernard Langer shot 12 under in the season opener for the Champions Tour. I’m anxious to see the season debuts of Carl Pettersen and Tim Clark.

Congressional Gold Medal: Seven athletes have been awarded the Congressional Gold Medal and three are golfers, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus. As they say, golf doesn’t build character, it exposes it.

This interesting factoid transitions well to the following rant:

PA+E=P (Positive Attitude + Effort = Performance)

I picked up this little gem of a formula while watching an interview that Joe Buck conducted with former football coach and current Fox analyst, Jimmy Johnson. I think it quantifies what it takes to be a consistent player (with the help of a good short game), and something that took me the better part of 15 years as a competitive player to learn.

I toiled for 35 years playing competitive golf, literally 99.9% as a Club Professional. I always felt my development as a tournament player was hindered by the fact that I played very little competitive golf as an amateur. I learned course management and how deal with tournament nerves and pressure as a player at the club professional level. The first 10 years of competition my performances were sporadic. Some streaks of really good play, and a lot of time spent just being an entry fee.

   A wise old golf pro (my father) once said to me, “The only person that can affect you on a golf course is you.” Now, that was said to me before I was 23 years old, because that’s the age I was when my father passed away. Looking back, I was just too immature, too inexperienced as well as too stupid to pick up on this pearl of wisdom.

I became eligible to play in Miami Valley PGA events in 1975 and started competing with the aforementioned minimal amateur experience. However, I did get to play with local legends like El Collins, Jack Ortman, Larry King, Mike Zimmerman, Dick Plummer, Dale Fetter, Fran Deschaine, and many others. All great players and even better people, and their behavior on a golf course was exemplary. I was very shy and had little confidence around these great players, so I tried to not get in there way. Fortunately, I had been a caddy, so I applied the old caddy mantra, show up, stay up and shut up.

I learned that these players did not always hit great shots, but they almost always turned in great scores. Why? Of course they were talented, but they handled adversity with a great attitude, they never stopped trying and they possessed great short games. It wasn’t until the MVPGA started scheduling open golf competitions that I was paired with some of the better local amateur players. Then I noticed their behavior. Many were afflicted with bad attitudes, had the tendency to give up after some adversity, and almost all had below average short games. All these players had talent but they did not fare well in competition. They came unglued over a bad shot or bad break and they were ready to quit early in the round. Add to that some very average short games, and they just couldn’t post a good score when they were not hitting the ball well. Notice I did not include lack of talent, these players had ability, but they had a bad attitude, limited perseverance, and needed short game work.

I hope you learn a lesson from this. To be the best competitor you can be you need a positive attitude. If something goes wrong during the round, strive to give yourself a pep talk about how good you will feel when you salvage a good score out of a mistake or bad break.   Go to work on your short game, especially, pitching and putting. Remember the stroke you save on your current hole, is as good as making birdie on the next! Also, your attitude is everything, pick a good one!