April Newsletter

Weekend Package Events

The 2015 Package Schedule kicks off on Saturday, April 11. For those not aware, this is a weekend series of competitive events that award golf credit prizes for Low Gross, Low Net, Straight Drive, and Closest to the Pin. Entry fee is $2.50 daily, or a yearly package will provide a 30% discount when paid by the first event. There is an optional cash Skins game for both Net and Gross Divisions.

Want to play in a league? Let us know!

The preferred method is to fill out a League Prospect Profile from the web site, but you may call (937-890-1300) or e-mail ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you prefer.

New Segment

In last month’s edition of the newsletter we announced a new segment, “Where are they now?” slated to appear in the CHN. If you have information regarding someone who at one time played on a regular basis at Cassel Hills, let us know. We get a lot of inquiries on the whereabouts of past players.

GLEN ADAMS: A larger than life character from the Cassel Hills past, now resides in Florida, and is still in the car business. Glen usually makes it up to Vandalia once a summer, and of course, pays us a visit. He looks good, is still strong as a horse and increases the decibel level of any room he enters!

Kids ride free!

Any afternoon, after 2 pm, a child aged 13 years or younger will ride free with a cart fee paying adult!


We have a great supply of Titleist 915 Drivers. If you are looking to purchase the hottest driver on the market, give us a call. With a price too low to advertise it is worth your time to schedule a fitting appointment and take advantage of this one time offer. They go away on May 20th!!!

Ben Lickliter and I travelled to Columbus to take in a celebratory product launch from one of game’s leading club producers. Although not a fan of this company’s latest offerings, it was time well spent to sit and listen to an engineer who has designed clubs for over 15 years and be able to listen to an engineer that is committed to designing golf clubs that push the limits of USGA conforming status. And separate the garbage from the truth when it comes to fitting the game’s most coveted the club, the driver.

Here is the scientific truth, the higher you launch the ball, and with spin rates from 1500-2400 rpm will produce the most distance, CASE CLOSED! The scientific proof is this, a ball launched at 17 degrees with 1700 rpm will travel farther than any other combination of launch and spin. Tour average – 12 degree launch angle, 2700 rpm spin rate.

Players with shorter, faster swings prefer shorter, heavier clubs with stiffer shafts. Longer, flowing swings prefer lighter, longer clubs, with more flexible shafts. Club weight and shaft flex have minimal effect on launch or distance, but mean everything to feel.   Translated, the better a club feels, the easier it is for you to produce your good swing!

Fairway Clubs

It is no secret a three wood is a hard club to hit off the deck, most players opt for the hybrid off the deck, and use the three wood for tee shots not requiring a driver. Lofts are moving up on these club offerings, most tour players are using a 16.5 degree three wood. Most amateur players need a 5 wood loft to see any appreciable distance from a fairway lie.


Yes, hybrids are replacing the long irons. Most players are opting for a 5-9, pw and then put more wedges in their set. And, if we harken back to the driver theory, shorter swings prefer to utilize more wedges (52,56,60+) and higher lofts, while the players with longer swings prefer fewer wedges (54, 58) and stronger lofts.